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Saturday, January 11, 2014

So I Eat Ice Cream

I've been so pissed off and frustrated lately. Everyone is annoying me. Everything is annoying me. I talk to my family and clench my fists together to stop myself from lashing out. I got so angry after coming home from work today and having a "heated" discussion with my mother that I had to retire to my room for a cry.

Working out used to cure my antsy, angsty, angry bouts but now I find myself hating it before I've even started.

Part of me wonders if this is my body's reaction to the upcoming uni semester starting in oh, less than a week. For me, at least. It's like a double kick in the pants; starting uni very early and having to do med. I'm so scared and angry about the 20th of January. I can't even express it. Except maybe physically with some interpretative dance consisting largely of me kicking a mattress.



Anonymous said...

Dude can we swap lives I am so bored and I just want to go to uni and learn but I’m stuck with stupid holidays for another month and a half WAHHHH I already started studying like a week ago just for something to do (meg)

Anonymous said...

i can't even with you right now, meg